Официальный сайт ГБОУ Гимназии №441 Санкт-Петербурга

Официальный сайт ГБОУ Гимназии №441 Санкт-Петербурга

Официальный сайт ГБОУ Гимназии №441 Санкт-Петербурга

Официальный сайт ГБОУ Гимназии №441 Санкт-Петербурга

Официальный сайт ГБОУ Гимназии №441 Санкт-Петербурга

Официальный сайт ГБОУ Гимназии №441 Санкт-Петербурга

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1. 14.09.2017 начинается школьный этап проведения ВсОШ;

3. Введены новые телефонные номера в гимназии. Посмотреть можно тут.

4. Уважаемые родители первоклассников с 18 сентября 2017г. вход в холл гимназии закрыт с 9:00-15:00. Просим довести информацию до всех родителей (бабушек, дедушек). Встречать ребенка во дворе гимназии.

5. 7 сентября 2017 г. состоится собрание родителей учащихся начальной школы.

6. 6 сентября в 18.00 состоится собрание родителей будущих первоклассников "Подготовка к школе".

7. 6 сентября в 18.00 состоится собрание родительского комитета школы в 108 кабинете.


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Dickens World

A $120m theme park that celebrates the life and writings of Charles Dickens has opened in Britain. It's built on derelict docks just east of London where Dickens lived for a time as a child. This report from Lawrence Pollard:

One of Britain's greatest ever writers, Charles Dickens is most associated with Victorian London and in particular the misery and poverty we call Dickensian, so he hasn't - up until now - been much used as a literary brand. Now on an industrial estate in the rather run down town of Chatham in Kent where the writer grew up, Dickens World is opening, a theme park dedicated, so it says, to giving a flavour of life in Dicken's England.

The centrepiece is a boat ride through an elaborate interactive stage set of picturesque slums and their associated smells, to conjure up an illusion of real Victorian life - and misery. It's ignited a familiar debate of entertainment versus education. While critics have attacked the trivialisation of Dickens's legacy, the organisers reply that the writer was a great popular entertainer who would have heartily approved of such a theme park.

The critics say the real Dickens experience is in the books - and trips down fake Victorian sewers won't get people reading. But it is of course ultimately a business proposition, investing 120 million dollars, and predicting 300,000 visitors a year. That shows a lot of confidence in both the pulling power of Dickens and of theme park versions of misery and poverty.

Lawrence Pollard, BBC


associated with
connected with (in people's minds)

a literary brand
a well known writer whose unique work can be used for commercial purposes

giving a flavour of life
letting people experience, but not for a long time, what it was like to live

main attraction

to conjure up
to cause to appear as if by magic

ignited a familiar debate
renewed a discussion that has already taken place before

making seem not very important

something done by a predecessor that continues to exist

sincerely and enthusiastically

the pulling power
the appeal

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