Официальный сайт ГБОУ Гимназии №441 Санкт-Петербурга

Официальный сайт ГБОУ Гимназии №441 Санкт-Петербурга

Официальный сайт ГБОУ Гимназии №441 Санкт-Петербурга

Официальный сайт ГБОУ Гимназии №441 Санкт-Петербурга

Официальный сайт ГБОУ Гимназии №441 Санкт-Петербурга

Официальный сайт ГБОУ Гимназии №441 Санкт-Петербурга

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1. 14.09.2017 начинается школьный этап проведения ВсОШ;

3. Введены новые телефонные номера в гимназии. Посмотреть можно тут.

4. Уважаемые родители первоклассников с 18 сентября 2017г. вход в холл гимназии закрыт с 9:00-15:00. Просим довести информацию до всех родителей (бабушек, дедушек). Встречать ребенка во дворе гимназии.

5. 7 сентября 2017 г. состоится собрание родителей учащихся начальной школы.

6. 6 сентября в 18.00 состоится собрание родителей будущих первоклассников "Подготовка к школе".

7. 6 сентября в 18.00 состоится собрание родительского комитета школы в 108 кабинете.


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The Great Storm 20 years on

On 16th October 1987, southern Britain was hit by hurricane force winds, the worst storm to occur in Britain since 1703. Twenty years on, Britain is remembering the devastation caused by what came to be known as 'The Great Storm.' 15 million trees were uprooted due to the wind, as well as the fact that a wet autumn in general had made the ground very muddy.

The falling trees caused destruction to buildings and vehicles, and blocked roads and railway lines, causing everyone from commuters to school-children to stay at home. There were also black-outs across the area, as power lines were damaged by falling trees and flying debris. People resorted to candles and torches for light, and gas stoves and open fires to cook food.

The storm raged for 4 hours before dawn and claimed 18 lives. The effects of the bad weather were heightened by the fact that most people were completely unprepared because the weather forecasters were caught out.

Earlier that week, weather forecasts had predicted severe weather. But forecasters thought it would miss Britain and only affect the English Channel.

The freak storm caused damage of more than £1billion pounds and hundreds of people sustained injuries.

But could the same thing happen today in Britain? Well, as a result of climate change many people think that sudden and severe weather changes are more likely. However, meteorological technology has improved and now uses satellites to get a much more accurate picture of future weather. So if another Great Storm comes along, the British public should be better warned and prepared!


hit by
affected by (negatively and strongly)

hurricane force winds
violent winds which have a circular movement

a lot of severe damage

pulled out of the ground (including the roots)

when something is destroyed or very badly damaged

people who travel to work and back every day, using the same route

when all lights are suddenly switched off because of problems with electricity supply

broken or torn pieces (left from the destruction of something larger)

resorted to
here, were forced to use

open fires
fires that are not enclosed or covered

was very strong and violent

caused the death of

made worse

caught out
taken unawares/by surprise; put into an unexpected difficult situation

freak storm
a storm that is very unusual and/or unexpected

climate change
the general weather conditions that are becoming different from the usual for a particular place because of human activity

relating to weather conditions

the British public
the population of Great Britain



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