Официальный сайт ГБОУ Гимназии №441 Санкт-Петербурга

Официальный сайт ГБОУ Гимназии №441 Санкт-Петербурга

Официальный сайт ГБОУ Гимназии №441 Санкт-Петербурга

Официальный сайт ГБОУ Гимназии №441 Санкт-Петербурга

Официальный сайт ГБОУ Гимназии №441 Санкт-Петербурга

Официальный сайт ГБОУ Гимназии №441 Санкт-Петербурга

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1. 14.09.2017 начинается школьный этап проведения ВсОШ;

3. Введены новые телефонные номера в гимназии. Посмотреть можно тут.

4. Уважаемые родители первоклассников с 18 сентября 2017г. вход в холл гимназии закрыт с 9:00-15:00. Просим довести информацию до всех родителей (бабушек, дедушек). Встречать ребенка во дворе гимназии.

5. 7 сентября 2017 г. состоится собрание родителей учащихся начальной школы.

6. 6 сентября в 18.00 состоится собрание родителей будущих первоклассников "Подготовка к школе".

7. 6 сентября в 18.00 состоится собрание родительского комитета школы в 108 кабинете.


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Hollywood writers' strike

Talks to try to prevent a Hollywood writers' strike have broken down in Los Angeles. Members of the Writers' Guild of America say they're going to walk out indefinitely to pursue their claim for a pay rise. This report from Peter Bowes:

Listen to the story

After talking with studio negotiators for almost twelve hours, union officials said no settlement had been reached and the strike would go ahead. Picket lines will be set up outside all the main Hollywood studios. The union's twelve thousand members are being told to stop working on all their writing projects.

The Writers' Guild is demanding a greater share of the profits from TV shows sold on DVD, as well as those that can be downloaded on the internet and seen on mobile phones.

In the United States the first casualties are likely to be the late night chat shows. Without the writers, the comedians won't have any jokes to tell. The TV networks have stockpiled episodes of popular dramas and comedies, like Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty, but if the dispute drags on they're likely to show more repeats or turn to reality television.

The strike is expected to have a ripple effect throughout Los Angeles, with businesses that rely on the entertainment industry being hit hard. One estimate puts the potential cost to the city at a billion dollars.

Peter Bowes, BBC News, Los Angeles


studio negotiators
people who work for TV companies and who try to reach an agreement between the two sides in this dispute

when workers refuse to go to their usual place of work because as a group (in a union) they have a disagreement with the management about pay or conditions

Picket lines
A group of workers who protest outside a building to stop other workers from going inside, usually during a strike

The Writers' Guild
the official workers' union for writers in the USA

the first casualties
the people or things (here, TV programmes) that will be badly affected first

chat shows
TV programmes where a host interviews celebrities (in the US, chat shows also usually begin with the host telling some up-to-date or topical jokes)

drags on
goes on for a long time and is inconvenient, boring or unpleasant

shows that are broadcast more than once on TV

to have a ripple effect
have more than one obvious consequence. A ripple effect happens when one incident produces effects which spread and produce further effects, etc.

hit hard
very badly affected

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Bears 'facing extinction'

Six out of eight of the world's bear species are threatened with extinction, according to the conservation organisation, IUCN. Researchers say all bear species have declined in numbers and distribution due to human activities, but most urgent action is needed in Asia and South America. Sarah Mukherjee reports.

Scientists at the IUCN say there are parts of the world where bears are thriving - for example, in North America, where, they say, there's an enormous amount of effort and funding for conservation.

But the researchers say that contrasts sharply with Asia and South America, where conservation funding is poor but the need extreme. For example, they point to Southern Asia, where bears suffer heavy losses from poachers. Bile from the bear's gall bladder is used in traditional Chinese medicine and their paws are consumed as a delicacy.

However, in the last ten years enormous efforts in China have been directed towards the conservation of the giant panda, including widespread reforestation programmes.

Despite this work, the panda is still on the endangered list. Scientists say it's too early to tell whether the conservation work is having an effect on populations.


living very well

funding for conservation
money to help save or protect animals and land (here, bears)

contrasts sharply
is very different from

very strong

people who illegally catch or kill animals

something to eat that is expensive or rare

widespread reforestation programmes
big efforts to plant trees in areas where they were previously cut down

endangered list
list of the animal and plant groups that might soon not exist any more

numbers (here, of bears)

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Dickens World

A $120m theme park that celebrates the life and writings of Charles Dickens has opened in Britain. It's built on derelict docks just east of London where Dickens lived for a time as a child. This report from Lawrence Pollard:

One of Britain's greatest ever writers, Charles Dickens is most associated with Victorian London and in particular the misery and poverty we call Dickensian, so he hasn't - up until now - been much used as a literary brand. Now on an industrial estate in the rather run down town of Chatham in Kent where the writer grew up, Dickens World is opening, a theme park dedicated, so it says, to giving a flavour of life in Dicken's England.

The centrepiece is a boat ride through an elaborate interactive stage set of picturesque slums and their associated smells, to conjure up an illusion of real Victorian life - and misery. It's ignited a familiar debate of entertainment versus education. While critics have attacked the trivialisation of Dickens's legacy, the organisers reply that the writer was a great popular entertainer who would have heartily approved of such a theme park.

The critics say the real Dickens experience is in the books - and trips down fake Victorian sewers won't get people reading. But it is of course ultimately a business proposition, investing 120 million dollars, and predicting 300,000 visitors a year. That shows a lot of confidence in both the pulling power of Dickens and of theme park versions of misery and poverty.

Lawrence Pollard, BBC


associated with
connected with (in people's minds)

a literary brand
a well known writer whose unique work can be used for commercial purposes

giving a flavour of life
letting people experience, but not for a long time, what it was like to live

main attraction

to conjure up
to cause to appear as if by magic

ignited a familiar debate
renewed a discussion that has already taken place before

making seem not very important

something done by a predecessor that continues to exist

sincerely and enthusiastically

the pulling power
the appeal

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Crocodiles escape in Vietnam

Severe floods in parts of Vietnam have killed several hundred people and caused widespread damage. But now there is a new problem to contend with, after hundreds of crocodiles escaped from a farm when the floods destroyed their cages. This report from Steve Jackson:

The state owned Yang Bay farm in central Vietnam was home to around five-thousand crocodiles, until flash floods destroyed their cages at the weekend. The authorities don't know exactly how many of the reptiles escaped but they believe several hundred are on the loose.

Soldiers, forest rangers and villagers have been trying to track them down. Only eight crocodiles have been recaptured so far and three more shot dead. The first to be killed weighed two-hundred kilograms and took eight people to carry it away. Many of the escaped crocodiles are thought to have taken up residence in a nearby lake, and officials have warned people to be extremely careful and not to go swimming.

Crocodiles are farmed in Vietnam for meat and their skin which is still used to make handbags. The manager of the farm says he fears some local people will try to catch them so they can sell the leather. The floods - caused by a series of typhoons - have caused widespread damage in northern and central Vietnam, killing around two-hundred people since the start of October.

Steve Jackson, BBC


flash floods
sudden heavy rain and rising water

got away, fled

on the loose

forest rangers
people who look after parks and natural areas

to track them down
to find them

put back into cages

taken up residence
started living

bred, raised (here)

dried animal skin

widespread damage
great destruction

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Elvis fanatic in jail

We all know of people who are big fans of Elvis Presley. But Julie Wall, from the East Midlands in England, is probably a bigger fan than most. And collecting Elvis records has got her into big trouble, as the BBC's Sunita Nahar reports:

Listen to the story

Julie Wall, a cashier in eastern England, had eight thousand of them - practically every song the legendary star ever released. Such was her obsession for collecting any memorabilia of her heart throb, that she stole about a million dollars from her employer, North Kesteven District Council, to fund her habit. Tracy Phillipson is the head of finance: 'Well, we're very shocked. Everybody knew that Julie was an Elvis fan. We had no idea it was to this extent'.

An internal audit led to Julie Wall's downfall and her vast collection has now been auctioned to pay back some of what she owes. The auctioneer, James Lewis, said the collection could be a record breaker: 'It has just been absolutely incredible. We've had hundreds of people on the phone. We've had interest in Japan, from America, from all over Europe, all over the UK. The interest is phenomenal. I've been an auctioneer and valuer for over twenty years and this is the biggest collection of records I think, well, definitely that I've ever handled, but we think it is the biggest private collection of Elvis ever to come on the market, ever'.

As for Julie Wall herself, she's been declared bankrupt and is currently serving three years in jail for theft. But unlike the King of Rock and Roll, it's doubtful there'll be a party for her.

Sunita Nahar, BBC



extremely famous

objects which remind a person (of something)

heart throb
very attractive famous person (usually male)

loss of reputation (here)

huge, very broad in range

sold in a special sale to the person offering the most money

wonderful, astonishing

penniless, without any money

spending time (here)


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